Predefined marketing campaigns that are ready to execute, and backed by centralized tracking and reporting – all at no cost to our preferred customers.
Email marketing, Google SEM, social media, display ads, direct mail, catalogs, and events.
Ready-to-execute cloud-based marketing tools enable you to expand your reach and improve results.
Track your success, know what is working best for you based on your results. Prove your achievements to expand your business.
Our secure platform ensures that your data is protected.
We understand that in today’s market, you need to provide greater business value to your end-user customers. Marketing is complex and expensive, and we're here to help. We’ll build on your experience, enhance your expertise, and help you capture new and bigger opportunities. Our program will help increase the number, size, and profitability of sales opportunities, boost win rates, and extend your reach into new markets, all while reducing operational costs, and we’ll find the best offer to get you started or even guide you on how to utilize your funds to leverage this great tool. Our cloud-based software-as-a-service platform makes it easy to run predefined marketing campaigns that are ready to execute, backed by centralized tracking and reporting.
Templates, matching landing pages, and an email marketing system.
Set and manage on a regular basis Google campaign templates (keywords, ad groups, ads and default bidding) with matching landing pages and lead capture forms.
Approve and automatically post relevant messages to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
Pre-designed, customized banner ads on relevant websites.
Postcards, bi-fold and letters templates, matching landing pages, and link to automatic print and mailing services.
Populate your website with efficient and professionally displayed Cisco catalogs direct from the source.
Easily organize and promote events with invitations, registration landing pages, reminders and thank-yous.
Our ready-to-execute cloud-based marketing tools enable you to expand your reach and improve results while actually reducing marketing costs. We recognize that a lack of time, expertise, and budget for marketing can be a big impediment to reseller growth. Our program makes it easy to execute well-planned marketing campaigns precisely because it offers ready-to-use campaigns that run right out of the box with only minor customization.
No marketing platform is complete without the tools to analyze and understand the effectiveness of your marketing programs, campaigns, and spending. We provide you with centralized tracking and reporting in order to optimize your investment, fine-tune your messaging and targeting, and generate the best possible results.
Reseller data security is of paramount importance. When you upload your data to our platform you can be sure it is protected and secure.
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